Dried Apricot Sesame Marinaded Flounder

So I was looking though my pantry the other day and there in the back behind a giant bag of rice was some dried apricots. They must have been in there for a while because the last time we bought apricot pieces was back in February. I remember distinctively that I bought it during a healthy kick for a semi cross country road trip. I love to travel. Either way there they were in all their petrified glory. I had to get rid of them, but what to do with six lousy left over apricot pieces? You know besides throw them away. So I got searching and stumbled across an apricot sesame marinade for fish. Sounds perfect right?  Not so fast. It turns out that the recipe calls for apricot jam. I don’t have apricot jam, who has apricot jam? Bill Gates, maybe. Still I got to thinking, after all jam really is nothing but sugar water lemon juice and fruit. So that’s were we’re starting today.

This recipe may take a while but it is so worth it, it gives such amazing flavor to the fish. (If you don’t want to do everything from scratch you can buy the original ingredients from the store. I’m sure it works just as well. I’ll post both at the bottom of the blog.)

To start with take your bag of fruit and drop it onto the plate or cutting board.

Blog food 002 - Copy

Now dice them up into small pieces

Blog food 011 - Copy

Now take 1 cup water and get to to a soft boil before slowly stirring in 1/2 cup sugar.

Blog food 018 - Copy Blog food 022

return to a heavy boil and drop in your dried fruit pieces. I imagine you could do it with any dried fruit, but apricots  are such a heavy fruit it really pairs well with the lightness of the fish.

Blog food 024 Blog food 025

Return to a heavy boil and add 2 1/2 tbsp lemon juice. Now I used bottled lemon juice, but if you have fresh that works even better, all you need is about 1/2 of a fresh lemon.

Blog food 026 Blog food 027


Now all you do is bring this to a very hard boil until some of the water is evaporated. You want it to still be a little like liquid, you don’t want it to harden to much because with all the sugar in the dried apricots it’s only going to bet harder as it cools. If it does get to hard don’t panic, since this is for a marinade and not toast all you have to do is add a little more lemon juice and water to the jar and shake it up, it works wonderfully.

So this is what it looks like when you bring it to a hard boil for about 5 min. give or take one for your stove.

Blog food 033


Now if you use a spoon it will be a little slow dropping off the spoon, that’s when  you know it’s close to done.

Blog food 034

When it’s completely done it will look like this.

Blog food 039

Now you place it in a jar, I used a baby food jar I have tones of them laying around.  Add about a pinch and a half of salt and stir. You want to add the salt because unlike fresh fruit the dried fruit has added sugar and you don’t want your marinade to be to sweet.

Blog food 041

Set it aside until you are ready to add it to your marinade.


On to the next ingredient Dijon mustard.

Where is that Dijon muster it should be right here in the door of the fridge. Darn, I don’t have that either so I’m going to have to make a substitute for that too. The home made Dijon mustard is really easy and my own creation, just like the jam so don’t hate me if it’s not to your taste. I will say though that my husband hates horseradish with a passion but even he loved the finished product of the marinade.

So I just took 1/4th cup yellow mustard added 1 tbsp horseradish 1/4th tbsp black pepper and 4 pinches of salt to taste naturally.

It’s time to put the marinade all together

Pour the jam in a bowl

Blog food 042

Add all of the homemade Dijon. Now if you have store bought Dijon that’s great too, I am sure it will taste great as is.

Blog food 047


Now because we don’t have soy-sauce I just added 1 tbsp salt, it really draws out the natural fresh flavor of the fish.  I then took our final ingredient and sprinkled it like crazy over the entire mixture.

Blog food 048

It’s beautiful isn’t it. Well it won’t be for long, because were about to stir it all together.

Blog food 051

See what I mean.  It may not be beautiful but it sure is tasty. I think you will like it.  Finally I take a Ziploc bag and pour it all into the bag. I like to use bags to marinade instead of just using the bowls because you can just give it a shake every now and then to really seal in that flavor and make sure it evenly coats everything.

Blog food 058

Now place it in a vegetable oil covered pan that is heated to medium high heat

Blog food 059

You will only want to flip this fish once so you want to wait until the fish starts to turn a creamy off white color around the edges.

Blog food 060


Cook on the other side and there you have an amazing home made apricot sesame marinated flounder.

Blog food 061

It is unbelievably delicious. Even my horseradish hating husband love it, he even had seconds. You know it’s got to be good. The heaviness of this marinade really goes well with the lightness of the the flounder. It may not be the pretties marinade but it is beautiful paired with some dark green veggies.

If you want to take a look at the original recipe take a look, it’s much more simple and looks pretty good if I do say so myself.


So here are the recipe’s I used 2 are mine and one is from the above mentioned website.

Apricot simple syrup (jam)


6 dried apricot slices diced finely

1 cup water

½ cup sugar

2 ½ tbsp. lemon juice

½ tsp salt

Bring the water and sugar to a hard boil add in the lemon juice and apricot chunks and bring to a hard boil until water is partially evaporated. Approximately 5 min. of hard boiling.

Homemade Dijon Mustard


1/4th cup yellow mustard

                1 tbsp horseradish

                1/4th tbsp. black pepper

                4 pinches of salt

Stir it all together.

Now the original recipe is listed below with my alterations in bold

1/4 cup fruit sweetened apricot jam (See above apricot jam recipe)
1/4 cup GF dijon mustard (See above Dijon mustard substitute)
1 tablespoon GF soy sauce (1 tbsp salt)
2 tablespoons raw sesame seeds
2 tablespoons black sesame seeds (Sadly I din’t have any black sesame seeds so I omitted this step.) 

That’s it for or recipe today I hope you enjoyed it, and as always I look forward to seeing your variants, after all the Pantry’s the limit.



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