Vegan Lemon Raspberry Pancakes

Okay, you have probably noticed that many of my recipes as of late contain raspberries.  Well the humble raspberry happens to be both my daughter and I’s favorite fruit. Sadly it’s almost always to expensive to purchase regularly.  This week, however, my local grocer had them on sale for 1$ apiece.  Say what? You heard me one dollar a piece, so I stocked up. This means I had to find ways to use them that is why I decided to add raspberries to my pancakes.  Why vegan you may ask, well why not? Plus my husband loves almond milk. It’s a win win.

This recipe makes 9 mini pancakes

First take 1 ¼ cup flower

Blog food 020

Add 1 tbsp. baking powder

Blog food 023

And one tbsp. sugar

Blog food 021

I love that this recipe doesn’t use a lot of sugar. It makes me feel healthier.

a pinch of salt

Blog food 024

Now 1 cup almond milk, that’s right we’re going healthy now. At least until we get to the syrup.

Blog food 026

We’re going to throw in two tablespoons of olive oil. I like olive oil because the pancakes get that beautiful golden crisp to the edges. (sorry my husband took this picture for me, he’s an amazing artist but not so great at photographs.)

Blog food 029

Finally add 2 tbsp. water.  (now if you like thinner pancakes like my husband does you will want to add about 1/4th cup water. He took this photo too)

Blog food 028


Mix together. The batter should be slightly lumpy.

Blog food 033

That’s the end of the usual pancake ingredients now for the gourmet part, or at least the additions.

Toss in twelve raspberries.  You don’t want to add to many because your pancakes won’t cook right, trust me I know. When I was in middle school home economics I tossed a whole container of blueberries into the mix I not only failed the assignment, but I also got a big pile of warmed pancake goo. Not good, and boy where my partners upset with me. Yikes.  That’s enough of memory lane, but take my advice don’t throw in to many.

Blog food 035

Wow they look beautiful

Finally (for real this time) add 1 tbsp. lemon juice.

Blog food 040

Fold it all together.

Blog food 037

Heat up your pan drop in a little olive oil, then take an ice cream scoop, or if you don’t have an ice cream scoop a 1/4th cup measure will work.

Blog food 038

Wait until the pancake bubbles and most of the bubbles pop then flip.

Blog food 045

Remove when they are golden on both sides.

Blog food 047

Set aside and prepare as you wish.

I like to use super simple homemade syrup.

You can use any fruit even frozen, but of course I used a whole container of raspberries.

Rinse and dump the entire container into a microwave safe bowel.

Blog food 041

Microwave for two minuets

Add ½ cup of sugar

Blog food 044

My secret ingredient, not even my husband knows.  A dash of vanilla, shhhhhh it’s our secret k?

Blog food 046

See it there in the bowl its the brown spot.

All you have to do now is stir. It really is that simple.

Blog food 056

These are fantastic, my meat loving husband really enjoyed these that should tell you something.

Blog food 052 Blog food 049 Blog food 048

As a side note, if you put real butter on your pancakes they are no longer vegan, but earth balance works well as a substitute.


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