Cinnamon Sugar Tips

About a week ago my family was all out, as an artist my husband took our daughter out to draw out in nature. He’s so considerate. With it being only me, I didn’t want to make a big fuss for breakfast, I wanted french toast but I didn’t want to take all that time to make the batter and wait for it to cook. So I had an idea to cook some tortilla wraps on a skillet, it didn’t work well, but when I added a bit  of oil and fried the tortillas magic happened. Try it you’ll see what I mean.

First I took an average soft flour tortilla and cut it into triangles using a pizza cutter.

Note: you want flour tortillas because if you use cor tortillas you will end up with cinnamon sugar chips, totally different dish.

Blog food 055

Next carefully place several of the tips in a pan with hot oil. You will want to put them in a single layer because you will need to flip them when the edges start to brown, after approximately 15 seconds.

Blog food 058

Let them brown on the other side for about 15 seconds.  before removing

Blog food 062

Top with cinnamon sugar mixture immediately after removing from the hot oil.

Blog food 064

That’s it, How simple was that. Served with some mixed berries and cool whip this is an absolutely delectable breakfast.

Now for the simple instructions


3 Tortillas

3-4 cups Vegetable oil (enough to cover the bottom of the pan for frying)

1 tsp  Cinnamon

4-6 tsp  Sugar

Cut the tortillas like you would a pizza, and then cut them again because you don’t want them to big. while you’re doing this heat your oil until a wooden spoon dipped in the oil causes bubbles, or until a you test a piece of tortilla and it crisps in about 15 seconds. While your oil is heating is a great time to make the cinnamon sugar mixture. combine 1 tsp  cinnamon with 4 – 6 tsp sugar, mix well. Now that the oils ready place 5-8 strips in a single layer in the oil. wait until the edges turn golden then flip. Wait about 15-20 seconds and remove. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mixture over the tortilla tips immediately after removal, continue until all tortillas are cooked. top with berries and cool whip for a delicious breakfast.

This also makes a delicious dinner if you skip the cinnamon sugar and top it with beef and cheese tomatoes and lettuce. I can’t wait to see your variations. And I hope you enjoy.


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