Italian Radish Dip

Okay before you slink away, yes the thought of radish can be a little intimidating but trust me this recipe is not only simple but simply delicious. The radish gives a delightful light  zing to an otherwise heavy recipe. I was looking for something to prepare for a church potluck. It just so happens that my wonderful sister-in-law gave me a tone of radishes that she had received from a home delivery service that sends you local produce. It seems she had no idea what to do with them. In fact she doesn’t even like radishes.  Which got me to thinking, can I do anything with such a harsh vegetable and make it so everybody will like it, or at the very least most people. So I got to doing my research and stumbled upon this interesting very simple recipe for radish dip on It was a nice cream cheese dip, and who doesn’t love a nice cream cheese dip?

So here’s what we did. I say we because my husband helped me grate the veggies, because as he says “You can be a bit clutzy maybe I should do this.” I began to object naturally, but hey when he’s right he’s right. It was probably safer to have his help. And he did a great job, you’ll see.

The first thing I did was take 8 whole radishes and cut off the stringy roots and the leafy part.


See the root’s I was talking about, I then shaved off most of the ground spots and the red.


This just helps the dip be a little more clan and it’s bout the flavor more than the color. After this my dear husband started grating. Now the original recipe required putting it in a food processor and mincing it, but sadly my daughter seems to have lost the lid during one of her many pantry excursions, and the one I had doesn’t work without the lid, so I had to improvise.


He also grated in the garlic I used 6 small cloves but only if you love garlic, we love garlic in my home, if you would like a less powerful garlic taste only do 4 cloves. Be careful on this step you don’t want to cut yourself. If you have it you can even use finger guards, but we don’t have them so we made due.


Here’s what it looks like when their all grated.


Now take it and dump it into your 3 boxes of cream cheese. I let mine sit on the counter for about a half hour to soften them a bit.  It makes it easier to stir.


At this point you will want to stir it up so that all the radish and garlic are mixed thoroughly.


This is what it will look like at the end of the original recipe. Now I took it a step farther and added some Italian meats left over from a pizza my husband and I made two nights ago.

First I took 4 pieces of salami,


then I cut it into fine chunks.


I then did the same thing with the pepperoni.


You drop it in and mix well.


The next steps up to you. You can be finished right here right now, or if you are serving it at a dinner party or something you might want a little more in the way of presentation. If that’s the case you can take you’re very own, very clean, hands and form it into a ball. Or use gloves, as I did, it’s much more sanitary. Line with crackers and you’re done.


Now at this point I chose to put it in the refrigerator over night it really lets the flavors meld together extremely well.

And it looks pretty much the same.


Now the most important job, Enjoy.

I can’t wait to see your alterations. Feel free to share in the comments section or even link to your own blog. I look forward to it.

Okay so I just realized that I forgot to t the simple instructions on here, so for any of you who may have read this before I apologize but I have fixed the problem.

Here are the simple instructions.


6 cloves of garlic (4 if you don’t like powerful garlic taste)

8 large radishes

3 packages of cream cheese

4 slices of salami

approximately 19 slices of pepperoni, or one generous handful.


Set the cream cheese on the counter to warm for approximately 30 min. to soften. Use a shredder to shred the radishes and garlic. Empty the room temp cream cheese into a large bowl. Add in the shredded garlic and radishes and mix well with a firm spoon until it’s well mixed. You may have to press against the sides a bit to get the mixture well mixed. Now take your meats and cut them into small cubes before mixing it thoroughly into the radish dip. Once all ingredients are mixed well use very clean hands to form into a ball. Adorn with crackers on each side, and wa-la home made Italian radish dip.